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Porsche Panamera: Coming in 2010

Porsche Panamera
No real surprise here that the Porsche Panamera will hit the road in 2010, but some nice details are revealed.

An official launch date for what will be the first series-production four-door sports car from Porsche has never been confirmed. Officials have merely suggested a “late 2009” on-sale time frame.

However, new component supplier information has now come to light confirming pilot production of the Panamera is planned to get under way next April — some four months earlier than initial reports had indicated — alongside the Cayenne at Porsche’s Leipzig plant in Germany.

More interesting are rumors making the rounds of the German automotive industry this week, suggesting the new car is being groomed to make its public debut one month earlier — at next year’s 2009 Geneva Auto Show. Porsche is remaining tight-lipped on actual plans for the Panamera. But without any official denials, an unveiling in Switzerland next March can’t be ruled out.

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Source: Inside Line