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Porsche: Working on a Golf-killer?

Porsche Golf
According to German Autobild Porsche is working on a secret project to introduce a VW Golf-killer by 2012. Time will tell! The picture looks more like a Honda Civic for us…

As weird as this may sound, it seems Porsche is working on a Porsche badged Volkswagen Golf for 2012. Now, we know that the Volkswagen Golf is a huge success, but a Porsche version of the car seems like a totally absurd idea; unless of course Porsche is postioning itself to become more mainstream and compete with BMW.

The picture below is on the cover of the new AutoBild magazine. The caption next to it read (in German) ”kompakte geheim-projekte bis 2012. der porsche-golf.” That translates to “compact secret projects until 2012. the Porsche-Golf.”

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Source: Motive Mag