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Volkswagen: Group design future revealed by Design Director Walter De Silva

Walter De Silva
Volkswagen Group Design Director Walter De Silva has shared his vision about future design for all brands. A must read!

Extolling his own thoughts on design amid the current world – “constraints are what promotes creativity” – he described VW as being immersed in a process of defining their design language as Audi had already done to achieve the quality and diversity necessary. Audi design DNA was “understood by everyone in the company” he said, “right down to the smallest details”.

VW design would “return to simple (design) language that’s easy to understand – a clear hierarchy of grilles and rear-end treatments”. Key words and phrases had been coined during the process, he said, such as timeless, consistent, unique, responsible, history, quality, solidity, simplicity and coherent design transmitting responsibility; there was talk of VW design reflecting social evolution.

Lamborghini: Affable Chief Engineer Maurizio Reggiani was unwilling to say anything about its construction other than “Composite materials will be most important in the future – especially cheaper ones” and “the power to weight ratio is key, and everything we can do to get the weight down is vital to the project”, reinforcing the belief that Lamborghini will finally abandon its traditional welded steel chassis in the pursuit of strength with lightness.

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Source: Car Magazine