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Volkswagen: More hints point to Limestone County for US factory

We found some more hints that the new Volkswagen (and Audi?) US factory might be build at Limestone County in Alabama.

A North Alabama industrial recruiter used a childhood game to hint Thursday at the possible location of a Volkswagen plant in Limestone County.

Godfrey, who is based in Decatur, in his opening remarks asked his audience to bear in mind the word “kerplunk.”

“But we must stress patience. There is some intense behind-the-scenes activity going on. That brings me back to ‘kerplunk.’ That was a game we played as kids when we would go on trips with our parents and every time we saw a Volkswagen Beetle we would say ‘kerplunk.’ At the end of the trip the person with the most kerplunks won. We’re hoping that everyone in North Alabama will be able to say ‘kerplunk’ in the near future.”

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Source: eNews Courier