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VW Eos 2.0 TFSI: Driving report from Australia

VW Eos 2.0 TFSI
The VW Eos 2.0 TFSI and Australia sound like a perfect match to us, this review seesm to agree.

The Eos is one of those convertibles that doesn’t question a man’s sexuality, it’s a truly unisex convertible that has appeal to both sexes. The other thing that makes the Eos so unique is that it looks classy and elegant both with the roof up and down – unlike some of its competitors.

Under the bonnet, the TFSI version of the Eos is powered by a similar engine to the one found in the illustrious Golf GTI – 147kW and a spritely 280Nm of torque. Our test vehicle was fitted with Volkswagen’s renowned DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) transmission. As the fastest shifting gearbox in the world, the dual-clutch unit swaps cogs in 8ms – that’s quicker than today’s F1 car! All this while only sipping through 8.2-litres/100km…

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Source: CarAdvice