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VW Golf: Margin problems denied, but no-show in US still stands, maybe…

VW Golf
We have an important update for you about our story from Saturday that the next-generation VW Golf is facing some margin problems and is therefore not showing up in the US, Brazil and Australia.

A VW spokesman has denied the margin problems, but he did NOT deny or confirm the non-appearance in the US and the other countries. Have a look below, doesn’t sound like a strong deny to us.
Stay tuned for more news and make sure to read the story where it broke and not on some other non-attributing websites…

Volkswagen AG’s new Golf model is not facing a problem meeting its targeted cost/profit margin, said a spokesman from Europe’s largest automaker, rebuffing a report in Spiegel, which said the automaker’s most important model would only achieve a margin of around 3.4 percent.

The magazine also said the new model, unlike its predecessor, would not be available in the U.S., Brazil or Australia due to unfavourable exchange rates which have led to losses in those markets.

The VW spokesman would not confirm that the new VW Golf will not be available in these markets, but said profitable models like the Golf GTI would continue to be offered in the U.S. He stressed that the Jetta, the four-door version of the Golf, is by far the most popular model sold in North America.

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Source: CNBC, picture by Autobild