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VW Golf: VWoA denies no-show in US

VW Golf
VW of America denies our report that the next-generation VW Golf is a no-show in the US. Hopefully they have talked to Dr. Winterkorn on that…

Volkswagen of America said it is proceeding with plans to launch the next-generation Golf hatchback in the U.S. in fall 2009, contradicting widespread reports in the European press that the German automaker planned to pull the car — sold here as the Rabbit — from the U.S. market because unfavorable exchange rates have slashed margins.

But VW of America spokesman Steve Keyes, contacted Tuesday by Inside Line, said in an e-mail: “We are currently planning the new Golf VI and GTI introduction for the fall of next year. The estimated volumes are already included in our 2009 financials.”

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Source: Inside Line, picture by Autobild