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VW Jetta: 3-year old car beats Toyota Prius in fuel-consumption comparison

VW Jetta
Do you still believe you need a Hybrid to save fuel and act environment friendly? Think again after reading this comparison test where a 3 year old VW Jetta beats the Toyota Prius.

Four popular fuel-sipping compacts were put to the test and in the “back road” showdown of 50-65 mph the 3-year-old Jetta came ahead of the 2008 hybrid Prius, 2008 Ford Focus, and even the 2008 Smart Fortwo, posting a record-breaking 47.3 mpg. Further asserting its green superiority, the diesel Jetta also came first in the 75 mph high-speed challenge, one again beating the Prius at 49.9 mpg.

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Source: PCMag