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VW Passat: Expert review

VW Passat
We found an “expert” review of the VW Passat which scored an incredible 9.7 out of 10 in the user ratings! Unfortunatley they are mixing up the VW Passat and VW Passat CC, so much for “expert”.

The first indicator that the Volkswagen Passat CC is a very different Passat is that it doesn’t share a single body panel with the “regular” version. One look at its coupelike sloping roofline, striking side character line and all-new front and rear ends, and you realize this Comfort Coupe has something the current Passat lacks — true “look at me” styling from every angle.

While we’re not sure who the typical buyer of the Passat CC will be, we’re positive the car will sell a lot better than VW’s previous upmarket attempts — the Passat W8 and the Phaeton. For not only is the Passat CC a better-driving Passat, it’s also a darn cool-looking car. For many, that will be reason enough.

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Source: MSN