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VW Passat: Next generation due in 2012

VW Passat
The next generation of the VW Passat will hit the roads in 2012. Read some more information here.

The new B7 Passat will more than likely retain its existing transverse architecture on a new flexible platform codenamed MQB, instead of moving to an Audi-sourced longitudal platform. This platform will also underpin the successor to the Passat CC as well as a new mid-size sedan and SUV that will be sold here in North America.

Topping off the next-gen Passat will be a myriad of advanced features like airless tires, a wiperless window cleaning system, active park assist, optional rear-wheel steering, 360 degree cameras, sensors for lateral accident prevention, automatic countersteer assistance, adaptive cruise control that obeys speed limits, and even color changing magnetic low-voltage paint. There will also be a new semi-active air suspension, lightweight low-friction 4Motion system with dynamic torque split, and lightweight LED-film tail and indicator lights.

As for the coming facelift, it should give the Passat revamped lights and front and rear fascias, reduce the amount of chrome on the car, and add a goody bag of features like a backup camera and parking aids.

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Source: Motor Trend