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VW Scirocco: An icon breezes back into town

VW Scirocco
Nice review here of the VW Scirocco, a re-born icon.

Thirty-four years after Volkswagen launched the Mk 1, with its gorgeously proportioned, knife-sharp lines from the desk of the designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, comes the new Scirocco. It may be a Golf GTI underneath the metal sculpture but the Scirocco is 40mm longer, 51mm wider and a full 97mm lower at the roofline than the GTI. These are big numbers and it shows. Park a Golf beside a Scirocco and the former looks like a sad frump.

A third of a century may have elapsed but the new car does the same job the cultish Scirocco did back then – takes ordinary, reliable, proven VW mechanicals and wraps them in a form that will make people point and smile.

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Source: The Sunday Times