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VW Scirocco: Driven on the road

VW Scirocco
We found one of the first real driving reports of the VW Scirocco.

For the first time, we’ve just spent more than a few minutes on the road in the new Volkswagen Scirocco. And you know what? It’s pretty good.

Our test car has been stared at a lot today, but that is no surprise because it is among the first in Europe and was finished in Kermit green. Nevertheless, to my eyes this is a pretty good looking car. Elegant, restrained, and it looks quite tasty on the road, too.The Scirocco’s throttle response is good. This engine (not quite the same as a GTI’s apparently) only revs to 6500rpm, but there’s such strong turbocharged shove that you don’t need the final 500rpm; possibly not even the last 1000. Changing up early on full bore gives a nice pop from the exhaust, too, and the DSG ‘box is its usual excellent, if slightly detached, self.

The VW Scirocco has fine steering. It’s well weighted, linearly responsive and has just the right amount of self-centering.

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Source: Autocar