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VW Scirocco: More powerful and BlueMotion versions in the works

VW Scirocco
VW is working on more powerful versions of the VW Scirocco as well as one BlueMotion one. Nice!

Volkswagen boss Martin Winterkorn confirmed the Scirocco could be released as an AWD model with a high-performance engine, likely to be a version of the turbocharged 4-cylinder mill found in the current generation Audi S3. The current range-topper in the Scirocco lineup is a 2.0L turbo with 200hp (147 kW), but the engine in the S3 develops significantly more at 265hp (195kW).

On the other end of the performance scale Winterkorn also said that VW could eventually release special “BlueMotion” versions of the Scirocco. These models feature aerodynamic and mechanical tweaks to help reduce C02 emissions and fuel consumption. The base Scirocco is powered by a 1.4L TSI but the BlueMotion will probably be fitted with a low power diesel powerplant.

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Source: Motor Authority