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VW Tiguan HyMotion: Zero-emission Tiguan debuted in US

VW Tiguan HyMotion
VW has debuted the zero-emission VW Tiguan HyMotion in the US.

Volkswagen has shown off its Tiguan HyMotion Fuel Cell Concept for the first time in California. Technically a hydrogen-electric hybrid, the five-passenger SUV based on the Volkswagen Tiguan features a hydrogen fuel cell system for primary motivation and an electric motor for assistance (the electric motor pulls power from a 6.8 Ampere-hour lithium-ion battery that is recharged by recuperating braking energy). The VW hybrid generates 107 horsepower on hydrogen alone. When the electric motor kicks-in, the total output increases to 134 horsepower. According to VW, that is enough power to push the Tiguan HyMotion to 60 mph in about 14 seconds and a top speed is 93 mph.

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Source: Autoblog