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VW Touareg R50: Review from down under

VW Touareg R50
We found an interesting review of the VW Touareg R50 from Australia.

Volkswagen’s strident motto clearly and eloquently defines their love of the car, though when it comes to the ‘R’ designated models, one must surmise that this is no ordinary love. This is lustful and unadulterated passion.

Having driven the thrilling R32 earlier this year I was impressed at just how well balanced and centred a car it had become above that of the already outstanding Golf. Thanks to some brilliant engineering work the enhanced model is truly something to behold.

Not only had shoe-horning a 3.2 litre V6 in to the small hatch back made it go harder, but every other mechanical feature of the car complimented the package so well as a whole that parting with such splendid company was a very hard process indeed.

Imagine then applying that level of enthusiasm and exhilaration to Volkswagen’s über four wheel drive, the Touareg. Now, that time has come.

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Source: Car Advice