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Audi A1: The Mini-killer gets ready

Audi A1
Audi is readying the Mini-killer, the Audi A1.

TFSI engines in various states of tune and a hybrid option will power the A1 – which goes on sale late in 2009.

A 1.4-litre turbocharged direct-injection (TFSI) four-cylinder engine producing 110kW and 240Nm and driving through the new seven-speed S tronic DSG gearbox will be the primary powerplant.

Internal combustion drive is augmented by a 30kW electric motor, which thrusts out 200Nm of torque, and is positioned on the rear axle. This unit drives the car exclusively at lower speeds or provides extra muscle (and all-wheel drive) under full throttle.

The concept’s lithium-ion batteries, which can be charged from a standard electric plug, will keep the Quattro Metroproject (as the A1 is grandiosely named) moving for about 100km.

Economy minded buyers can choose between a 1.2-litre 63kW petrol, and diesels ranging from 1.6-litres and 66kW to 2-litres – all with common rail direct injection.

Buyers requiring more spirited performance should have a 125kW option available in the 1.4 TFSI engine available to them too.

Audi drive select – already available in South African on the latest A4 – and magnetic ride should endow the smallest of Audi’s with very tidy ride and handling capabilities.

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Source: Wheels24