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Audi: Bang&Olufsen announces significant expansion of partnership

Bang&Olufsen has announced a significant expansion of partnership with Audi. Great news for your ears!

Under the agreement, Bang & Olufsen will supply sound systems for a broad range of important Audi models. These new sound systems represent the next generation of the sound systems currently available for Audi A8/S8 and Audi Q7.

“Every addition to Bang & Olufsen’s range for Audi is significant in terms of our partnership,” says Vice President Jens Peter Zinck, head of Bang & Olufsen’s Automotive Department. “Equally, it is important for the continuing development of Bang & Olufsen’s car-fi business.”

Although no date for the introduction of the new systems for the Audi models has been set, the aim is to roll out the first sound system under the new agreement no later than 2010.

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Source: Bang&Olufsen