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Audi R8: A mother’s review

Audi R8
We are always open for a new perspective. Have a look at this nice mother’s review of the Audi R8.

If you haven’t noticed yet, we got a really terrific Audi R8 to drive here at MotherProof.com. My opportunity to drive it happened to fall on my son’s and my husband’s birthdays. We decided not to throw birthday parties this year, instead we spent time together — as well as indulged in the R8 (even if it was only two of us at a time).

For my son’s birthday, bowling and video games were on the itinerary. Fortunately for me (if not Mother Earth), these places were far enough apart to allow for a couple trips on the highway in the R8 — with a few twists and turns tossed in. Liam, 6, sat next to me in his booster seat (with the airbag off, of course) with a huge grin pasted across his face. He just loved this car.

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Source: Mother Proof