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Audi R8: Nice mod by WheelsandMore

Audi R8
German tuner WheelsandMore has given the Audi R8 their favorite look. Nice indeed!

The latest package includes the tuner’s trademark flashy wheels but it also comes with a bevy of useful aero and power mods.

The most striking feature of the car is the forged 20in alloy wheels, available in two different styles. These protect a set of eight-piston callipers biting 15in discs and performance pads. A set of stiffer springs also improves handling and lowers the ride height by 25mm.

The rest of the exterior remains stock-standard but underneath the sheet metal is a range of performance modifications that boost output of the 4.2L V8 engine by 37hp (28kW) – up to 457hp (341kW).

Audi R8

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Source: Motor Authority