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Audi: US factory decision only in 2009, Audi A1 not coming to US

Audi will decide about their US factory in 2009 and not in along the timing with Volkswagen which is scheduled for 15th July 2008. In addition they also confirmed that the upcoming Audi A1 will NOT make it to the US.

Volkswagen AG.’s unit Audi AG. will decide in spring 2009 on whether to build its own plant in the United States, Chief Executive Rupert Stadler told Handelsblatt newspaper in an interview.

‘But of course it is also imaginable that we build cars together with Volkswagen in its planned U.S. factory,’ he said.

He said Audi has no plans to launch its planned compact car A1, which will rival BMW’s MINI model, in the United States and will rather concentrate on introducing new generations of its A4 and Q5 models.

‘The Americans still want big cars, but with increasing fuel efficiency,’ he said.

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Source: Hemscott