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Bentley Continental GTC: A different review

Bentley Continental GTC
We found an interesting, but different kind of review of the Bentley Continental GTC. Enjoy!

“OMG! It’s Paris Hilton’s car!” The bikini-clad blond with waiting-for-a-nuclear-blast sized sunglasses was impressed by the big black Bentley. “How much does it cost?” “How fast does it go?” “How did you get one?” An Abercrombie of bathing suits gathered around the British-built German car in the late summer sun. I didn’t have the heart to tell them they were worshipping a false idol. So what if the Bentley Continental GTC is a four-wheeled Poptart, famous for being famous? Discretion is the better part of valet parking. I’d save my bubble-bursting for the Best and Brightest. And here you are. And here we go…

The Bentley’s lines are clean and purposeful. In keeping with the Bentley Boys’ Blowers, the Conti eschews Aston grace and Ferrari flair to emulate a raging locomotive. To that end, the Bentley’s hood rises up with all the subtlety of a Dodge Ram. Make that a drunken Dodge Ram; the GTC’s headlights angle upwards, as if they’re about to roll backwards just before the car, well, passes out.

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Source: The Truth About Cars