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Bentley: Handed over to Robert Downey Jr for Iron Man success

Robert Downey Jr
Iron Man main actor Robert Downey Jr was awareded with a $200.000 Bentley for the success of Iron Man so far. Wait, a Bentley?

American actor Robert Downey Jr was gifted a Bentley worth 200,000 dollars by movie bosses for the success of the movie ‘Iron Man’ in which he played the lead role.

The movie, which was based on the comic book superhero Iron Man, became the box office hit of the year and earned more than 500 million dollars worldwide.

Downey Jr was so impressive in his role that the producers gave him the car as a thank you gift, Star magazine reported.

“Robert was shocked when they gave it to him. But he was so grateful and is so happy,” Contactmusic quoted a source as telling the tabloid.

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Source: Topnews, picture by The Bosh