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Bentley: Now also doing Notebook business

Ego for Bentley notebook
First it was Lamborghini and their notebook collaboration with ASUS and now Ego for Bentley is following with a Bentley-branded notebook. We only have 5 letters as comment: sucks! Expect the unholy to be unveiled at the British Motor Show.

Each is hand built, with authentic Bentley cross-over hand-stitching. And the colour schemes match those of the famous luxury cars. The inside metal reflects the paint job on the outside, while the outer leather is taken right from the seats.

The metal carry handle is even modelled on the motor’s door handle, and is satisfyingly chunky.

Under the bonnet you’ve got Microsoft Vista, a 64 bit processor, and a 160GB hard drive. There are also 12 direct access keys for quickly getting to the point.

Expect to see it on sale later this summer at Selfridges for about £10,000. Ouch.

Ego for Bentley notebook

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Source: T3