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Porsche 911: First drive report

Porsche 911
We found a nice first drive report of the new Porsche 911. Enjoy!

Every so often a newcomer makes noise about toppling the Porsche 911 from its well-earned position in the sports car pantheon. And every so often the wizards of Weissach, Porsche’s epicenter of engineering, respond by tinkering with the 45-year-old design just enough to ensure it remains the world’s most engaging sports car.

“Now,” he announced, “I vill show you ze new Launch Control, ze Sports Chrono Package, und ze effects of ze optional limited-slip differential.”

And suddenly we were pushed forward with a turmoil of unrelenting force, the sort of physical displacement the rational person expects will lead to a bad end. Some primeval part of our brains still remember that, not long ago, 62 mph in 4.3 seconds meant a cliff, the suck of gravity, an uncertain landing…

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Source: Motive Mag