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Porsche Panamara: Targa and diesel coming?

Porsche Panamara
Porsche is said to look into a Targa as well as a diesel variant of the upcoming Porsche Panamera.

Autoweek’s insider saw a rendering of a three-panel “targa” roof that could conceivably make up another trim level of the Panamera when it goes on sale next year. The sources also said that two mules were on hand, a base and a turbocharged variant, sporting front fender vents that “were reminiscent of [the] Ford Focus.” Uh oh.

Although details weren’t given on the specifics of the diesel engine, Porsche is apparently considering offering an oilburner along with gasoline and hybrid drivetrains, and if approved for production, Autoweek speculates that Porsche could utilize one of Audi’s diesels.

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Source: Autoblog