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Volkswagen: Plant will be shared?

We don’t need to wait too long until we finally know where the new Volkswagen plant will be heading, but we found some new interesting information in the meantime that the plant might be shared between the two remaining locations.

As the deadline nears for Volkswagen to choose between sites in Huntsville and Chattanooga for a proposed U.S. plant, here’s the latest rumor: Both cities may get good news.

MetalBulletin.com, a London-based publication covering global metal markets, reported Thursday that the German automaker could end up calling both sites home.

Citing an unnamed state economic development official, the report said VW was leaning toward a site in Limestone County recently annexed by the city for an assembly plant and is interested in a Tennessee Valley Authority “megasite” in Chattanooga for an engine plant.

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Source: The Huntsville Times