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VW Golf GTI W12: Coming to Waterfest festival

VW Golf GTI W12
We usually don’t write about fanboy festivals, but this one needs to be an exception: the VW Golf GTI W12 is coming to Waterfest. Awesome! Make sure to stop by if you are in the area.

We had it on good word that the 650-horsepower GTI W12 built for last year’s Woerthersee show had just arrived via air transport from Germany and that we might get a quick peek. The car’s been shipped to the States for the summer so that Volkswagen can utilize it at several of our own key enthusiast events. The first of these is Waterfest.

As we snapped photos of the car, VW representatives explained some of the plan…

One of the many cruises funneling owners to Waterfest this year is the Eurotuner Kreuzerfest that stages from VW’s new headquarters outside of Washington, D.C. Though the GTI W12 won’t be cruising as it’s worth bajillions and isn’t street legal, Volkswagen’s Virginia staff will be rolling the car out for the cruisers and any other enthusiasts who happen by in order to get a peek before the group heads out. Eurotuner lists the time of the event in VA at 9:30AM. Past SEMA cars like the GTI-R and Jetta SportWagen will also be there to ogle before hitting the pavement for New Jersey.

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Source: VWvortex