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VW Passat: Next-generation to be build in US?

VW Passat
Once VW has decided about their US plant, they might actually build a cheaper version of the VW Passat there according to this information.

A cheaper replacement for the Volkswagen Passat developed primarily for the United States will likely go into a U.S. plant that Volkswagen AG is expected to announce this week. Eventually, a Jetta replacement also could be assembled there.

Making one or both cars in the dollar zone with U.S. components is crucial to VW’s plan to increase group U.S. sales to 1 million by 2018: 800,000 VW vehicles and 200,000 Audis.

The Passat replacement would cost about $20,000, considerably less than the nearly $25,000 with shipping for today’s model. The car would be bigger to compete with the Toyota Camry.

The compact sedan is being designed to fit better in a segment dominated by imports such as the Honda Civic, VW executives say.

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Source: Motive Mag, picture by VW