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VW Robust: New spy shots showing interior

VW Robust
We found some new spy shots of the VW Robust, also showing the interior.

Volkswagen is getting on with the work of developing the pickup model Robust. Even if the latest rumors are talking about cancelling the model. The true about the cancelling rumors are that Volkswagen will not produce the Robust in Hannover / Germany as first planned, but just in Argentina.

That makes sense, because Volkswagen is expecting the biggest markets to be Argentina, Brazil and South Africa. But there will also be a European model of the Robust, but because of the high fuel prices and the CO2 discussions Volkswagen are not expecting any higher sales volumes.

Seen on these photos is the double cab while testing brakes and cooling systems in the Alps. And for the first time we also got a glimpse of the interior. The Robust Pick up is due as a 2010 model.

VW Robust

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Source: Next Autos