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VW Scirocco: The right choice for an everyday sportscar

VW Scirocco
Have a look why the VW Scirocco is the right choice if you are looking for an affordable, everyday sports car.

Cult status. In particular, it is the original Scirocco presented in 1974 that has long held cult status. Because, in contrast to many of its competitors of that time, the Scirocco – designed by Giorgio Giugiaro – was an affordable car with everyday utility, and front-wheel drive also made it a safe sports car for use every day of the year.

Fascination. The new Scirocco is extending this tradition. It offers pure driving pleasure, a new powerful design, high-end technologies such as DCC adaptive chassis control and the new 7-speed DSG dual clutch transmission. Plus: exclusive use of efficient turbo engines with up to 147 kW / 200 PS power, space for four adults despite its sporty lines, an extremely high level of safety and the everyday utility that is typical of every Volkswagen. This mix of passion and logic costs far less than one might guess based on the car’s key data.

New paths. Although the third generation of the Scirocco follows exactly the same positioning as the first one, Volks wagen very intentionally avoided retro elements. In this regard too, the Scirocco of the year 2008 is a conceptually counterpart to the original version: because in the mid-1970s the successor to the Karmann Ghia also set out on new paths, both technically and visually.

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Source: VWvortex