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Audi A4 3.0 TDI: Deliciously diesel

Audi A4 3.0 TDI
Great driving report of the Audi A4 3.0 TDI, one of the best engines available at Audi.

While its German competition seems to lose more of its stylistic bearings with each generation of the very executive sedans that brought them to prominence, the A4’s progression has been one of steady updates that are both forward-looking and restrained. The current model’s broad, clean flanks with a high belt-line and subtly blistered wheel arches convey a muscularity that works to enhance, rather than hide, the car’s swollen size versus the last generation car. That kind of unfussed and powerful design language is found throughout the A4, including on the interior that manages to look at once premium and simple.

And it is, let’s face it, the A4’s diesel V-6, that most likely has you reading (and us writing) this piece in the first place. The TDi six is set to take America by storm in a big way, coming to U.S. Audi dealers ensconced in the company’s Q5 and Q7 crossovers. We’d like to believe that makes the powerplant an easy fit for the American lineup of A4’s as well. One might guess that if the German company with a history of performance vehicles—and a record for diesel-powered motorsports success—saw fit to include the engine in those largish to large SUVs, that the TDi would be something of a phenomenon in a smaller sedan – it is.

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Source: Next Autos