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Audi A4: Driving report

Audi A4
Nice driving report here of the new Audi A4. Enjoy!

It’s significantly larger but retains the same mammoth grille and clean side profile. The headlights drop last year’s scalloped frames for a more consolidated design, but there’s now a strand of optional LEDs that snakes its way around the main bezels and ends at the inboard turn signals. Wicked cool.

Inside, the wraparound dashboard looks similar to that of the related A5/S5 coupe. Even in our all-black test car, the cabin felt warm — certainly a step beyond the 3 Series or Mercedes C-Class – and considering the fact that German sport sedans do inviting interiors like Kevin Costner does acting, it’s nice to see Audi take the lead. The company’s MMI system is standard. It works a screen that sits top and center in the dash, and if you have to go the knob-based route, this works eminently better than BMW’s iDrive.

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Source: Kicking Tyres