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Audi A6: A magic carpet ride

Audi A6
Great review here of the Audi A6 which “offers a magic carpet ride”.

The A6 sedan makes a statement. If it could talk, it might say, “hi, I’m just sexy enough for you to notice me [wink wink], but I’m elegantly understated. I’m well-groomed without being high maintenance. I’m quality. I’m sporty on the weekends. You can introduce me to your parents.”

A magic-carpet ride — it’s that smooth. The interior fit and finish is gorgeous and performance impressive. With all-wheel drive, sporty handling and plentiful power, it’s a sleeper at any red light.

If I was feeling broody, I might start stockpiling paycheques for the Audi A6 as my family car. The massive trunk can pack coolers, sports equipment, suitcases and strollers.

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Source: Canada.com, picture by Audi