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Audi A6: New commercial being filmed in Canada

Audi A6
Audi is filming a new commercial for the Audi A6 in Toronto, Canada.

Call us Berlin North. A German production company set up shop yesterday at the Duke Street parking garage in Kitchener to film a commercial for the 2009 Audi A6.

Most of the ad was shot in Toronto, but for the final day of the four-day shoot, the crew came to Kitchener to take advantage of the unique open-air helix or corkscrew-style garage. There used to be a similar garage at Toronto’s Eaton Centre, but it was torn down a few years ago.

“This company knew exactly what they wanted. They wanted the helix,” Scott said. The garage is listed among 6,300 filming locations on the Ontario Media Development Corporation’s database.

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Source: Guelph Mercury via Fourtitude