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Audi R3: The next-generation, midship engine Audi TT

Audi R3
According to Car Magazine the next-generation Audi TT, then called Audi R3, will be drastically changed with a midship-engine layout and focussing on 4 cylinder engines.

Audi is readying this stunning new R3 sports car, a mid-engined little brother to the R8 supercar.

The Audi R3 would – in effect – replace today’s TT. ‘At the moment, both programmes run alongside each other, but as soon as production engineering begins, we must decide between the competing front- and mid-engine layouts for the TT,’ explains a source from Ingolstadt. ‘To keep the Audi a safe distance from the Boxster and Cayman, we are concentrating exclusively on four-cylinder engines.’

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Source: Car Magazine