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Audi R8: Bouncing off the limiter

Audi R8
Here’s a very cool review of the Audi R8 from South Africa.

A Porsche is too predictable, a Lamborghini too inaccessible and a Ferrari, well, that’s just too elitist. So after many arguments at the pub, I decided to go with Iron Man’s ride of choice, the Audi R8. Launched almost two years ago at the Paris Motor Show, Ingolstadt’s upstart packs brutal power and rich levels of dynamism into a package that knocked the 911 from its throne. Sure, it might be spliced with the genes from Le Mans racers, but what makes the Audi such a pukka piece of kit is the amount of engineering under its sleek aluminium skin. Every one of its 5000-plus components is scrutinised to the last nanometre before being bolted together by hand. Finally, once complete, the car is subjected to a CT scan that checks for imperfections invisible to human eyes. No other manufacturer on the planet does that. And while many may never be fortunate enough to sample this degree of Teutonic mastery, Audi has lent me one for a weekend of driving hedonism at SA’s capital of speed.

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Source: The Times