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Audi R8: Stare master

Audi R8
Wanna get attention? Drive an Audi R8, it’s a stare master.

This job has given me the opportunity to sample a lot of impressive automobiles: Dodge Vipers, the Lotus Elise and Exige, a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Ford GT, Vettes, AMG Benzes, the occasional Ferrari, a plethora of Porsches and the Nissan GT-R. But none of them has elicted the kind of extended gawking, spontaneous cell-phone photography and ill-advised pursuit as this 2008 Audi R8.

It started on the 91 freeway as I was driving home. The guy in the car pool lane next to me held-up his followers for a good 5 minutes while his passenger shot dubious-quality photos with his cell phone. At one point people in three different cars on all sides of me were doing much the same thing. Is this what it’s like to be Brad Pitt?

Every lane-splitting motorcyclist I saw on the freeways over the whole weekend paused just off my starboard bow to look back over his shoulder and stare for a few seconds before giving a thumbs-up and darting ahead, hoping I’d drop a gear and take-off in pursuit. Sorry, pal, but I can’t squeeze between cars like your Ducati can.

And then there was the kid who ran out of his garage and hurdled the bicycle in his driveway at a dead run, cell phone camera in-hand, while I cruised down the street toward his house.

Gawkers of all ages, from 10-year old skate-boarders to 70-year old dog-walkers on Balboa Island were heard to spew variations of the same expletive: “F***, that’s a bitchin’ car!”

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Source: Inside Line