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Audi R8: The Anti-Ferrari

Audi R8
We have been waiting so long for somebody to write this headline and now finally we found it: the Audi R8 is the anti-Ferrari. Truth told.

Slummed it in the Audi R8 again this weekend. Had to drive to Monterey to see what all the rich people were doing in Pebble Beach. Apparently all that news of a recession hasn’t hit the upper classes as there were more new Ferrari’s, Lamborghinis and Rolls Royces than I could count.

That said, I didn’t see another R8 once. Maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough, maybe there was a Deutsches Autoerscheinen that I missed, who knows, but the R8’s rarity cemented its status as the ultimate anti-Ferrari. People waved, smiled and otherwise seemed to enjoy seeing something other than a bright red F430 with shiny tires. The fact that I left our long-termer covered in bugs and brake dust only added to the effect.

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Source: Inside Line