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Audi R8: The Blackbird

Audi R8 Blackbird
Stop reading and watch this video of the Audi R8 Blackbird: AWESOME!

Codenamed Blackbird, the coupe is stuffed with enough gadgets to be a testbed for NASA’s shuttle replacement, but don’t for a second think the interior resembles a jungle of wires, screens and antennae: all the electronic gear is seamlessly integrated in a most impressive way. A sample of the wares in the blacked out supercar with the gunmetal gray blade include four GPS units, two radar detectors, police scanner, CB radio, kill switch for all rear lights, high-speed broadband Internet with Wi-Fi running on a tablet PC, power ports, takedown lights, a remote-controlled exhaust bypass valve, and — get this — a liquid-cooled infrasonic wave pulse generator.

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Source: Autoblog