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Audi S4: Virtual road test of next-generation

Audi S4
AudiWorld has an interesting virtual road test of the upcoming Audi S4 B8. Make sure to read it, you won’t regret.

First, for longer-term Audi owners who consider themselves in the know about the B5 S4 and all of its awesome tuning possibilities, we would ask you to imagine one of those bi-turbo S4’s which has been seriously and thoughtfully built-out to RS4 specs. Here we’re talking not only about the engine, but everything else too – the suspension, the brakes and the exhaust. Those modification produce one hell of a performance-capable vehicle, and one that’s fun to drive too. Now imagine the B8 S4. Because all of its performance has been well-integrated, well-considered and well-delivered from the factory it is an all around better car than the built S4. Even the most diehard B5 S4 whores will second guess themselves because the B8 S4 delivers all the punch, all the performance and most importantly all the fun in a package which represents two full generations of improvement.

We have been told – by people who would know because they have B7 RS4’s in their own personal garages – that the B8 S4 is more fun to drive than the RS4. It is not quite as fast, but all-in-all it is a better drive due to the upgraded brakes, suspension, vectoring quattro system and many other improvements. It is more balanced. It has a more desirable torque curve. It has the all-new interior as seen in the A5 / S5. Everything about the B8 S4 reflects lessons learned and innovation from the track, from previous generation S4’s and indeed from Audi’s long legacy as a producer of high-perfomance automobiles.

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Source: AudiWorld