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Audi TTS: Adding fire to the TT range

Audi TTS
The Audi TTS is adding a lot of fire to the TT range.

The addition of the S to the TT badge signifies a sportier, more focussed version of the regular TT.

The Audi TTS is the fastest, most powerful TT to date and is targeted with better positioning the TT as a true sports car to take on the likes of Porsche.

“The new Audi TT is not only bigger and bolder, it is also lighter and more efficient – the Audi TT is a sports car you can drive without regret,” says Audi Australia managing director Joerg Hofmann.

“As with all Audi S models, the new TTS will be the sporty top model in its family. It not only looks more aggressive and dynamic, its performance is second-to-none and continues the success story of the brand which focuses on reducing consumption whilst maintaining performance.”

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