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Bentley Continental GT Speed: Most powerful production Bentley ever

Bentley Continental GT Speed
Nice review here of the Bentley Continental GT Speed, the most powerful production Bentley ever.

The GT Speed coupe is a potent addition to Bentley’s highly successful Continental Series, extending the regular GT coupe’s appeal to include driving aficionados who value exemplary performance and superb handling characteristics.

Inspiration for the GT Speed model was derived from W.O. Bentley’s legendary “Speed” models that first appeared in 1923 – the 3-liter Speed Model complete with twin SU carburetors and higher compression ratio engine, which became one of the most coveted of all Bentleys.

The GT Speed is a head-turner and traffic-stopper, and would be even more so in a brighter color. It is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful automobiles produced today, and is most worthy of its performance heritage. It is both fast and smooth – accelerating rapidly, handling nimbly and enveloping its occupants in total luxury. The seats are somewhat on the firm side, but are exceptionally supportive.

Ultimately, the Bentley Continental GT Speed coupe delivers both style and substance in one very impressive package.

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Source: San Francisco Chronicle