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Bugatti Veyron GT: More news about the 920kW monster

Bugatti Veyron GT
We have more information about Bugatti’s plotted 920kW monster, the Bugatti Veyron GT.

Production of the current Veyron is set to run out by 2012, with the recently launched soft-top Grand Sport version set to be joined by a more powerful ‘GT’ coupe before production ends.

Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, Bugatti’s engineering boss, thinks there is some latent power still waiting to be extracted form the 8-litre, quad-turbo W16. Currently the 746kW engine ensures the Veyron is good for 407km/h.

With the ‘GT’ version Bugatti is allegedly keen on a 434km/h top speed which would necessitate 895kW of power to overcome drag. Rumour has it the boys from Molsheim are aiming for a 920kW output on the ‘GT’, which means you’ll be able to run the climate control whilst attempting a top end run – nice.

If the ‘GT’ embodies all the alleged power increases it should be a fitting swansong to the Veyron range.

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Source: Wheels24