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Lamborghini, Porsche: Soon to be banned in Switzerland?

The Green Party in Switzerland is proposing a new law to ban Lamborghini and Porsche and basically all other brands. Have a look!

Drafted by the Swiss Green Party, the legislation would ban any new vehicle that weighs more than 4800 pounds, produces more than 250 grams of CO2 each kilometer, uses a diesel engine without a particulate filter, or has a front fascia that isn’t designed to be ‘pedestrian-impact friendly.’ Older cars wouldn’t be exempt, either; those found to be non-compliant would be fitted with governors, limiting their top speed to 62 mph.

Although those drafting the proposal see it as a ‘moderate’ idea, in reality, it would eliminate most new vehicles currently sold in Switzerland. A spreadsheet compiled by Asphalte.ch lists nearly 780 new cars that wouldn’t pass muster under such a law, including the entire portfolios of Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, and Cadillac.

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Source: Automobile Magazine, picture by Wikipedia