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Porsche Carrera S: Reviewed

Porsche Carrera S
Very nice review here of the Porsche Carrera S.

One might expect a comparatively small displacement 3.8L six cylinder to be high strung and hard to drive around town, but nothing could be further from the truth. Having recently driven several cars with larger displacement V8s, this is an entirely different animal. There is none of the rumble and low frequency pulsing that you get in a V8. Rather, the six is perfectly smooth and balanced and the sound of the Porsche boxer is unlike almost anything else on the road. It has a mechanical, almost turbine-like sound that builds in intensity as the tach needle rotates clock-wise. The numbers may not indicate a particularly strong engine at the bottom end, but there is a surprisingly fat torque curve. No, it doesn’t generate the kind of thrust you get from a Vette, but it just pulls insistently.

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Source: Autoblog