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Porsche Cayman: The inside story

Porsche Cayman
Very nice review here of the Porsche Cayman, especially because they focus completely on the interior, hence the title. Enjoy!

There’s a Carlin-esque quality to the Cayman’s cubbies, with no shortage of locations to stow your stuff. The locking glovebox is flock-lined, and ample enough for items other than the owner’s encyclopedia. Driver and passenger doors continue with a Porsche mainstay that every manufacturer should consider: storage compartments beneath flip-top armrests. The centre console lid reveals a 12-volt DC powerpoint, coin holder, and a removable rubber floor pad. A second powerpoint is found on the passenger-side wall of the centre stack.

Push the trim piece directly above the glovebox door for cupholder access. They may not be worthy of a Mondo Gulpster bucket cup, but they do work surprisingly well with double-doubles, thanks to an adjustable cinch system. Behind the seats are two flip-top compartments. The passenger-side door opening gets a stuff gully at the scuff plate level, with a removable rubber floor pad. As with most Black Forest vehicles, Porsche continues to promote the blackening of the lungs with its lighter/ashtray combo.

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Source: Canadian Driver, picture by Porsche