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Porsche Panamera: Interior pictures!

Porsche Panamera
Great find here showing some interior pictures of the upcoming Porsche Panamera. Nice! But keep in mind that we showed you the first pics already in September 2007, almost a year ago.

This Panamera’s well-appointed tan leather cabin is clearly visible in our photographs. It’s dominated by a wide and high-set centre console, which should deliver a wrap-around, cosseting sensation that befits a continent-bashing GT.

The gear level looks as if it could be a manual, but it’s really a Speedtronic DSG unit with subtle gear selectors on the front of the steering wheel. Porsche seems to be persisting with the controversial back-to-front button shifters, as seen on the latest PDK 911, rather than more traditional paddles.

The flat, centrally mounted navigation screen is set unusually low, but should be a new-generation touch screen system. Most of the system controls are mounted on the imposing centre console, leaving a clutter-free dashboard.

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Source: Autocar