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VW Golf VI: All you need to know!

VW Golf VI
Here’s all you need to know about the sixth-generation VW Golf.

So rather than mess with a good thing and take on huge costs of developing yet *another* all-new platform, VW decided to take the existing Golf V platform and improve it further. This means VW can get a new generation Golf VI to market faster and, more importantly, do it for far less development work which helps to keep overall costs down. Lest you think the Golf VI is a mere facelift, there is far more going on than it looks like. More than 1,000 different items were improved, lightened, strengthened or simplified. The chassis is even stiffer now. The suspension geometry has been tweaked to improve ride *and* handling again. Every piece of sheetmetal from the windows down has been changed. The interior is all-new with new HVAC systems, new infotainment systems, new gauges, new placements of controls and more. While dimensions are nearly identical, this is a pretty thorough rethink of an already fine component platform.

VW Golf VI

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Source: VWvortex