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VW Golf VI: Here are more details

VW Golf VI
We have more details for you about the new VW Golf VI and we are not talking about the price, because we have told you yesterday already (first in the English-speaking blogosphere). Read on to learn more.

The car’s new design carries forward trademark Golf cues but adds a bit of crispness. VW says it’s more “three-dimensional” than the current car, which is strange since they’re both technically objects in space. Regardless, VW does fess up to the Scirocco’s influence, particularly the broad shoulder section on which the roof sits. The interior also was inspired and borrows bits and pieces from the more expensive Passat CC.

Power for the new Golf, in Europe at least, will be provided four gas engines and two diesels. All of the gassers will be TSI, i.e. they incorporate both a supercharger and turbo. The diesels meanwhile get common rail injection across the board with two balancer shafts to quell vibrations. Finally, DSG is essentially replacing the automatic in all Golfs except base models. Either a 6- or 7-speed DSG will be used depending on which engine it’s paired to. Electronic doo-dads include “automatic distance control” (ACC), “adaptive chassis control” (DCC), a “park steering assistant” and updated ESP system.

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Source: Autoblog