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VW Jetta SportWagen: Weekend athlete

VW Jetta SportWagen
What is a weekend athlete you might ask. Well, have a look at the VW Jetta SportWagen.

I drove the new Jetta SportWagen the day after I drove a Porsche Cayman S and — sorry boy-racer types — I’d much rather have this wagon than the Cayman S. It was more comfortable and more practical, which made it more fun for me to drive. It also had some surprising details that helped it score well on the Weekend Athlete tests.

For starters, while the interior was tan, the cargo area was black — all the better to hide dirt and stains. With other cars I’ve tested, if you want the dark cargo area you have to get the dark interior — which usually restricts what exterior color you can have. This is just such a simple combination that I don’t understand why more automakers don’t do the same thing.

There’s also a ton of room in that dark cargo area with the backseats upright. I fit all my camping gear in easily. Another surprise was the cargo shade. Normally I find those things annoying – always getting in the way, not doing what I want them to do. With the Jetta wagon, there was so much room back there I could use the shade to actually cover my gear.

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Source: Kicking Tyres